Vitalie Scurtu


Italian Named Entity Recognizer. | 15 September 2009

Yashar Mehdad, Vitalie Scurtu, Evgeny Stepanov

Feature Engineering for Supervised Learning with Small Training Set. | July 2009

Yashar Mehdad, Vitalie Scurtu

Automatic Framework for Semantic Search Engine Evaluation | 15 September 2008

Vitalie Scurtu, Master Thesis

Performance Maximization for Question Classification by SubSet Tree Kernel using | 24 December 2008

Muhammad Arifur Rahman, Vitalie Scurtu

Curve Smoothing for programmatic compression of speech | 21 June 2007

Vitalie Scurtu, Bachelor Degree Thesis

Some linguistic resources

Italian stopwords

Spanish stopwords

Portuguese stopwords

Tech Articles

MapReduce with Hadoop

Medium Information Quantity (English) (Italian)

Projects from the past

Talking to RoboSecretary

A Robotic Secretary that is able to handle phone calls.

Automaton for Number Identification for Italian

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